Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner

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Clean & restore your buffing pad with this whirlwind product!

Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner cleans your foam, wool, and microfiber cutting and polishing pads and restores them back to new – regardless of age! This specialized cleaner gently loosens and emulsifies dried and caked on polish and compound from your pad’s surface for a thorough cleaning. Don’t be wasteful, use Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner to extend the life of all of your polishing pads!

Perhaps the most annoying aspect of detailing is the clean-up. Sure, your car looks incredible and now you have a mound of dirty microfiber towels, polishing pads with product caked in, and just general disorder. And while we may not like doing it, cleaning your supplies is essential to quality work.

Also essential is a quality cleaning product – you’d never use your laundry detergent on your microfiber towels, so why are your buffing pads any different? In order to make the most out of your products, you need to be sure to use a quality maintenance system. Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner is just what you need to help with that system.

Polishing compound and waxes are the biggest culprits when it comes to dried and caked on product. Their thick make-up, while super effective at cutting and polishing, makes it harder to clean off your pad. Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner loosens the hold that those products have to reveal the clean face below.

Spray cleaner directly onto foam pads

Spray cleaner directly onto dirty pad
Gently agitate with your fingers

Gently agitate using your fingers or a pad brush under a warm stream of water
Wring pad out

Wring the pad out and allow to air dry
Your foam pads will look and feel like new again!

Your pads will look, feel, and perform as if they were new!

After using Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner to clean your pads, they will be restored, renewed, rejuvenated, and ready to perform like new again.

Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner can be used as a spot treatment in the middle of a detail or as a pre-soak for heavily contaminated pads. Simply mist Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner directly onto the pad and agitate using the Foam Pad Conditioning Brush. After cleaning rinse thoroughly with clean water, wring out excess water, and allow to air dry.

To presoak, mix 2 oz. of Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner per gallon of water and allow pads to soak for up to 4 hours. Clean as usual after soaking.

16 oz.

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