Matte Attack!

During SEMA 2010, a new trend appeared on car after car lining the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Matte had arrived! We posted pictures of all the matte paint jobs, prompting a lot of questions about what products should be used on them. Waxes are made to be shiny, right? There wasn’t yet a product made for exclusively matte finishes, but there is now!

Chemical Guys Meticulous Matte Detailer is the first matte paint, matte clear bra, and vinyl wrap spray detailer and UV coating protectant in one. MMD cleans and maintains matte finish surfaces while protecting the finish. It has UV blocking agents in a wax-free formula. MMD easily, rapidly and safely removes dust, grease, dirt, road film, grime and bird droppings, delivering an even matte finish.

Chemical Guys also makes Meticulous Matte Auto Wash, a clean-rinsing shampoo that leaves no glossy coating on the paint.

But those aren’t the only products available for matte finishes. Optimum Opti-Seal and BLACKFIRE Crystal Seal both offer excellent paint protection that preserves the paint as it is – no extra gloss. These products do not require buffing and do not alter the look of the paint.

The most important thing you can do to maintain a matte paint job is PREVENT SCRATCHES! When a matte finish is scratched, it cannot be polished out like clear coat. The polish will make the paint shiny. It will completely alter the look of the paint. To reduce the risk of scratches, use high quality washing, drying and detailing tools. Soft microfiber buffing towels and nonabrasive products are key to safely detailing matte paint.

If you have a matte paint finish or matte-painted panels, you now have multiple ways to maintain the non-glossy appearance.


  1. Great advice. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In Phoenix UV protection is essential on everything but importantly matte finishes. When possible park in the shade.

  2. Barbara Iwaniuk says:

    was just wondering if there was a product that cleans glass and vinyl all in one……i work at a window manufacturer and that would be wonderfull for our final inspection line, anyone know a product like this

  3. Matt look finish is getting popular day by day. people use custmised services to get matt finish on their cars. SWISSVAX also offers quality wax OPAQUE to be used on matt finish and is a good product.

  4. Great post. I just came across your website and bookmarked it.I’m pretty excited, it looks like you have a lot of great content on here including this post! I had no idea about the matte finishes and how to treat them. I have an Auto Detailing company in San Diego and meet with quite a few other detailers in the area so I’ll make sure to spread the word about the products and your site!


  5. How do you like Opti-Seal… I use Wolfgang sealant right now but I’ve been hearing lots of good things about the opti-seal 2.0…Just currious?

  6. Thanks for this information. We do mobile auto detailing in San Diego and do several cars a day, although we haven’t done a vehicle yet with this “Matte” finish. I thought it would be helpful and useful to find information on who makes the best products for this finish. I still can’t understand why someone would do this to their car. But I guess I’m “Old School.

    Thanks again!

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