Mike Phillips To Host New TV Show!

Autogeek.net has teamed up with Masters TV to launch a new television series in 2011 called What’s In The Garage? The show will take host Mike Phillips, our very own Director of Training and dedicated car guy, into the garages of people all over the country to see their automotive treasures.

The show will air on the FOX Sports Network at 11:30 on Sundays for 13 weeks during the second quarter of 2011. We’ll let you know the exact dates and times when it’s close to air time!

Mike starts taping episodes of Autogeek’s What’s In The Garage? in December. Want to be a part of it? Send an email to Masters Entertainment Group with a photo of your car and tell them a little bit about it. masters@masterstv.com

Keep your ride clean! You just might receive a visit from Mike Phillips and the What’s In The Garage? production team!

Masters TV press release

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