New Lake Country Hydro-Tech Crimson Finishing Pad

Hydro-tech Crimson Finishing Pad and DP Poli-Coat

Lake Country has added a new pad to their Hydro-Tech line-up: Crimson Finishing Foam. So far, we have the 6.5 inch pad in stock. It’s perfect for wax, sealant and glaze application using your dual action polisher. Purchase it alone or in our Hydro-Tech 6.5 Inch Foam Pad 3 Pack.

Lake Country Hydro-Tech 6.5 Inch Foam Pads are made of imported European pre-polymer foam. This long-wearing, high quality foam is less absorbent in order to keep the majority of polish on the pad’s surface. You’ll experience a longer working time with your water-based polishes and compounds, resulting in less product used to achieve the perfect finish.

Water-based products can soak into some foam pads like, well, water. That requires you to keep reapplying polish to the pad. With Lake Country Hydro-Tech 6.5 Inch Foam Pads, water-based products work longer and you use less. You’ll save time and polish!

Click here to see Mike Phillip perform a full detail on a 2004 Custom Kodiak Truck, finished off with the Hydro-Tech Crimson Finishing Pad and DP Poli-Coat Paint Sealant.

The Hydro-Tech 6.5 Inch Finishing Pad is available right now at!

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