What's Best: New Liquid Glass Legend or a Carnauba Wax?

We recently received the question, “Is the Liquid Glass Legend better than a carnauba wax?” The answer is the not-so-simple “It depends!”

It depends on your goals. If you are looking for supreme shine and longevity is no issue because you’re constantly detailing, go for a premium carnauba wax. It is the standard by which all paint enhancement products are measured. You’ll see paint sealants marketed as having a carnauba-like shine. Carnauba waxes are more typically used to prepare cars for car shows because the shine is warm, reflective, and deep.

Let’s say durability is your top priority. You prefer a glassy, slick shine and a low maintenance finish. Liquid Glass Legend is for you. This New-Age carbon/PTFE finish utilizes the hardest natural element on earth – carbon – to protect your vehicle’s paint and maintain its showroom luster. Liquid Glass Legend can withstand just about anything the environment can throw at it. After 25 coatings, the finish is even chip-resistant.?

Whereas carnauba wax seems to transform the paint itself, Liquid Glass Legend looks like liquid glass poured over the paint and hardened. It’s slick and mirror shiny. Liquid Glass Legend requires very little maintenance. Just wash your vehicle regularly.

So to answer the question, “Which is better?”…both carnauba waxes and Liquid Glass Legend have their place in a detailer’s garage. The better LSP (last step product) is in the eye of the beholder.

Learn more about Liquid Glass Legend at Autogeek.net.

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