Pad Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning up your buffing pads is easy when you have the right tools. Below we’ve listed some of our favorite products to clean and maintain foam and wool pads.

DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator is a great value for a great cleaner. It cleans and degreases pads. Just toss your used pads into a mixture of DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator and water. The solution will do most of the work for you!

The Foam Pad Conditioning Brush (shown at left) works well for both foam and wool pads. Use it to agitate the foam pad as it soaks in cleaning solution. The nylon bristles are tough enough to scrub the foam but not so tough that they’ll rip it. You can also use the brush to release caked polish from the pad face during the detailing process.

The Duo Spur Wool & Foam Pad Cleaning Tool (shown at right) cleans and levels pads. Levels? Isn’t that what you’re using the pads to do to your paint? Yes, that’s true. But the Duo Spur actually levels the pads when they become unbalanced. A cheese grater-like plate on each side of the Duo Spur reshapes warped foam pads. Three wheels with raised teeth push excess polish out of the pad to restore an effective texture.

Speaking of spurring tools, the Lake Country Wool Pad Spur (shown at left) is new at This tool has pointier teeth to really dig into wool pads and separate those fibers that like to get matted. It takes just a few seconds to break up caked on polish and restore the wool texture while the pad is still on the machine. The Wool Pad Spur is a simple but handy tool for anyone who uses wool pads.

Finally, if you really like to let your buffer do the work, you’ll like the Grit Guard Universal Pad Washer (shown at left) and the Autogeek System 2000 Pad Washer?(shown at right). Both pad washers are designed to clean a pad while it is still on the polisher. Internal mechanisms pump cleaning fluid up to the pad and agitate it as it spins on the polisher. The Grit Guard Pad Washer works with dual action and rotary polishers. The Autogeek System 2000 Pad Washer is designed exclusively for rotary polishers.

Properly cleaning your foam and wool pads makes them last longer and perform better. Read more about each of these products at

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