Surbuf Microfingers Buffing Pads

Surbuf MicroFingers R Series Buffing Pads are designed specifically for orbital and dual action polishers. These innovative pads are covered in MicroFingers, non-tufted vertical fibers that massage the paint like the fingers of your hand. MicroFingers are the key to the smooth, uniform finish you get with Surbuf R Series Buffing Pads. Apply polishes and waxes with Surbuf pads. The MicroFingers keep polishing agents close to the surface of the pad, where they are in constant contact with the paint. With Surbuf pads, your products go further and your vehicle has a smoother, more uniform shine.

Pads Are available in a 4, 5.5 and 6.5 inch.

Click on the image below to see a write up by Mike Phillips on the Surbuf Pads

Surbuf MicroFinger Buffing Pads


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