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New Meguiars 3 Inch and 4 Inch Pads!

Now you can polish out isolated scratches with small, effective Meguiars Soft Buff 4 Inch Foam Pads and Meguiars Easy Buff 4 Inch Wool Pad.

The compact size of the pads allows you to apply polish, wax or a sealant to small areas where a large pad just can’t fit, like the pillars (support structures between the windows), bumpers, and grill slats.

Meguiars Easy Buff Knitted Wool 3 Inch Pads 2 Pack

Easy Buff Knitted Wool 3 Inch Pads 2 Pack

Meguiars Easy Buff Knitted Wool 3 Inch Pads have 1/2 inch knitted wool, which is great for swirl and scratch removal. The shorter fibers have more cutting power than longer fibers because they are denser. The foam base provides a thicker cushion between the paint and the backing plate and it buffers the heat generated by the polisher. With the added height of the pad, you can also polish concave panels without striking the lip of the backing plate on the paint.

Meguiars Easy Buff Knitted Wool 3 Inch Pads attach to a rotary polisher with the Lake Country 2 7/8 Inch Flexible Backing Plate. If you plan to use a drill, select the 2 3/4 Inch Hook & Loop Rotary Backing Plate and Spot Buff Drill Adapter.

Soft Buff 4 Inch Pads

Meguiars Black Soft Buff 4 Inch Foam Finishing Pads can be used with Meguiars backing plates S3BP DA or W63, or with Lake Country’s 3.5 inch DA Backing Plate or 3 3/4 Inch Rotary Plate. If you plan on using these pads with a drill, select the 2 3/4 Inch Hook & Loop Rotary Backing Plate and the Spot Buffs Drill Adapter.

The durable hook and loop backing allows you to machine wash these pads.

Meguiars Black Soft Buff 4 Inch Foam Finishing Pads 2 Pack

Meguiars Black Soft Buff 4 Inch Foam Finishing Pads 2 Pack

The black finishing foam is designed for very light swirl removal and it creates a high gloss finish. Use the black pad to apply a glaze, ultra fine finishing polish, wax or paint sealant.

Meguiars Burgundy Soft Buff 4 Inch Foam Cutting Pads 2 Pack

Meguiars Burgundy Soft Buff 4 Inch Foam Cutting Pads 2 Pack

The burgundy cutting foam is designed for scratch and swirl removal. Use it as the first step in a compounding process. Meguiars #105 Ultra Cut Compound applied with the burgundy foam pad will remove moderate paint imperfections.

Meguiars Yellow Soft Buff 4 Inch Foam Polishing Pads 2 Pack

Meguiars Yellow Soft Buff 4 Inch Foam Polishing Pads 2 Pack

The yellow polishing foam is designed for light swirl removal and general shine enhancement. Use it after compounding with the Meguiars Burgundy Soft Buff 4 Inch Cutting Pad. Meguiars #205 Ultra Finishing Polish applied with the yellow foam pad will remove compounding swirls and restore gloss.

Sometimes, the best car care solutions come in small packages! Use Meguiars 3 inch and 4 inch pads to restore your vehicle’s shine, one spot at a time.

Customer review of Wolfgang Concours Series

I’ve been a big fan of Meguiar’s for many years until I found Autogeekonline accidentally, about 2 years ago. I decided to try the Wolfgang Councourse series. What a big difference. Not only were they easier to apply, but they also gave a longer lasting shine. Now I have friends who are also using Wolfgang products. I still continue to use some of Meguiar’s products.

Vehicle: 2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (Color – Black)


1.Wash with Wolfgang Auto Bathe
2. Polish with Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze #205 Ultra Finishing Polish
3. Polish with Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer
4. Finish with Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant
5. Wheels polished with Wheel Wax
6. Tires finished with Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel
7. Interior and trims finished with Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze #40 Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner/ Conditioner

This 2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 was detailed using Wolfgang, Pinnacle, and Meguiars products.

This 2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 was detailed using Wolfgang, Pinnacle, and Meguiars products.

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant really brings out the shine!

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant really brings out the shine!

Interior finished with Meguiars Mirror Glaze #40 Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner.

Interior finished with Meguiars Mirror Glaze #40 Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner.

And the results are well worth the time spent. I do this full detail about twice a year (with several layers of sealant over time) and maintain the shine on a regular basis by using spray detailers (either by Meguiars or Wolfgang).

T. Chong – Lorton, VA

NEW! Lake Country 5 1/2 x 7/8 Inch Flat Foam Pads

Lake Country 5 1/2 x 7/8 inch Flat Foam Pads are a new take on a classic buffing pad. Lake Country’s flat 6.5 inch foam pads set the standard for dual action buffing pads. Now they’re available in these smaller, slimmer 5 1/2 x 7/8 inch pads. These pads have the flat, full contact work surface plus a curved edge. 

A lot of you have told us that you prefer the smaller 5 1/2 inch pads when polishing with the Porter Cable 7424 or 7424XP, especially since automakers are moving towards harder paint. The small pad feels lighter and less cumbersome for a dual action polisher than the thicker 6.5 inch pads. You can work more efficiently to get the results you want.

The difference between these pads and the 6.5 inch pads, besides the size, is the shape. The Lake Country 5 1/2 x 7/8 inch Flat Foam Pads have a beveled edge, more like the 4 inch foam pads. The beveled edge enables you tilt the polisher slightly to cut in close to mirrors or emblems without digging a sharp edge of foam into the paint. Do you see those vehicles on the road with buffer marks down the side? That can happen when you inadvertently put more pressure on one side of the pad. That won’t happen with Lake Country 5 1/2 x 7/8 inch Flat Foam Pads because there’s no real “edge”. You’re getting faster, more efficient pads with an added safety feature when you buy Lake Country 5 1/2 x 7/8 inch Flat Foam Pads.

The pads come in the five varieties you’re familiar with: yellow cutting, orange light cutting, white polishing, black finishing, and blue finessing foam. Buy them individually or in 3 packs. Save even more when you buy the do-it-yourself 6 pack; you choose 6 pads for one low price.

Samples! Get your samples!

The most frequent request we get from customers is, “Can I get a sample?” We heard you loud and clear. Starting today, go to our sample page and select 2 FREE samples from the drop down menus to go with your order. The page lists all the samples we currently have in stock. We’re working with manufacturers to make that list longer but, for now, you can try out several products from Wolfgang, Pinnacle, DP, Optimum, Finish Kare 425, and 303 Aerospace Protectant Wipes.

Samples are easy to find. Look under the What’s New page. Be sure to select your two free samples before you check out. They will be added to your order free of charge.

When you get your samples, let us know what you think! You can email us, post here on the blog, in the forum, on Facebook, on Twitter, or right on at the bottom of each product page.

A lug nut brush for every wheel!

Be prepared for any job! If you’re a professional detailer, you encounter all sorts of wheels, each with different size lug nuts. Our new Lug Nut Brush Trio gives you the right brush for any lug nut. The kit includes three lug nut brushes of different sizes and designs to eliminate brake dust and grease from the lug nut cavities of any vehicle.

Recessed Wheel Lug Nut Brush
The Recessed Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brush is the ultimate time-saving tool for cleaning recessed lug nuts. The foam brush inserts safely scrub the lug nut and the inside of the lug nut opening at the same time. A convenient T-handle is easy to operate. The foam inserts are replaceable. The Recessed Wheel Lug Nut Cleaning & Polishing Brush cleans wheel cavities from 1 3/8 to 2 inches with lug nuts from 3/4 to 13/16 inches – the perfect size for Corvette wheels. One extra foam insert is included.
Clean Wheel Lug Nut Brush
Our Clean Wheel Lug Nut Brush delves into the deep, hard-to-reach areas of the wheel to remove brake dust and road grime. Used with a quality wheel cleaner, the Clean Wheel Lug Nut Brush safely loosens soil without scratching any surface. The brush has a 1 inch diameter to clean in narrow areas, like the lug nut openings and around the brake caliper. A 12 inch handle keeps your hands clean. This brush is ideal for wheels with delicate finishes.
Universal Lug Nut Brush
The Universal Lug Nut Brush is built to clean any size lug nut. It features three separate wire loops loaded with flexible bristles. The loops flex outward to accommodate large lug nuts on trucks and SUVs. The handle features a soft thermal rubber grip to prevent slippage when wet. The synthetic bristles work well on brake dust buildup.

These brushes purchased separately total $22.97. Save $5.93 with the Lug Nut Brush Trio!

Purchase your Lug Nut Brush Trio here!?Visit our Tire & Wheel Care section to shop our vast collection of wheel cleaners.

The New Porter Cable How-To Video is Live!

How to use the Porter Cable 7424XP to Remove Swirls
This new video shows a 3 step process to remove swirls out of a clear coat finish PLUS how to do a TEST SPOT to make sure you’re getting GREAT results before you attempt to buff out your entire car.

This how-to video shows everything you need to know about using a DA Polisher to do a Test Spot on your car and then the idea is, after you PROVE your system, that is after you successfully use your choice of pads, products and technique to remove the swirls in one small area, then you simply duplicate the same process over the rest of the car. Once you prove your system by doing a test spot you’re guaranteed success.

By doing a Test Spot and proving you can make one small section look great you’ll have the confidence to duplicate your process over the rest of the car and create a show car finish.

You’ll see,

  • How to remove swirls
  • How to polish the paint to a high gloss
  • How to apply a paint sealant by machine

Packed with Tips and Techniques
Besides showing the correct technique for working by machine to clean, polish and wax or seal your car’s paint there’s also lots of tips and techniques included in the video.

Techniques work with all 3 popular DA Polishers
The techniques shown in this video will work with all three of these DA Polishers,

Universal Techniques
These techniques will also work with any quality Foam Buffing Pads as well as any quality Swirl Mark Removers, Polishes and Glazes and, of course, your favorite Car Wax or Paint Sealant.

On a personal note…
It’s really easy for me to be my own worst critic and there’s a few glitches for sure but all and all I think it came out pretty good and after a second editing it will be even better.

Please feel free to post any questions or comments you have after watching the video to the forum.

Thank you…
A huge thank you to Max for supporting this new educational division of and another huge thank you to Yancy for all his hard editing work. I’d also like to thank our Director Jason and everyone else at Autogeek for their help and support.

Click here to go to Autogeek’s New Show Car Garage Video Library!

Mike Phillips
Director of Training
1-800-869-3011 x206

New to Detailing?

Visit Autogeek University, our online resource for detailers. Here you?ll find guides on everything from glass cleaning to swirl removal. We explain each process step by step and suggest products to help you get the best results. Plus, you?ll learn tips that will help you succeed. For example, did you know products are easier to apply with a polisher if you mist the pad first with a quick detailer or a pad conditioner? You can also learn how to tell if your aluminum wheels have a coating. Autogeek?s detailing guides provide a wealth of information at your fingertips.

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Comparison: Metro Vac N Blo Vacuums

We recently added a couple of Vac N Blo vacuums to our lineup of Metropolitan vacuum cleaners. We now have a total of four: the Metro Vac N Blo Portable Vacuum, the Metro Vac N Blo Sr., the  Metro Wall Mount Vac N Blo, and the Metro Full Size Vac N Glo 4.0 HP Vacuum. You might be wondering what sets each vacuum apart from the others.


All four Vac N Blo’s have the ability to be used as both vacuums and blowers. They all have 4.0 peak horsepower, and they all boast an impressive 95″ of water lift (the unit of measuring suction).

The difference between these units are the accessories and how you use them. 


The Metro Vac N Blo Portable Vacuum – the smallest unit –  comes with a four wheel dolly and a 6 ft. hose. This rolls behind you like a traditional canister vacuum and it’s really well suited for household and garage use. At 8 lbs, you can pick it up easily.


The Metro Vac N Blo Wall Mount Vacuum is the same size as the portable unit, but it mounts on the wall. It has a 12 ft. hose, a wall mount bracket, and shoulder strap. Choose this unit if you want a portable vacuum with the option of hanging it on the wall.


The Metro Vac N Blo Sr. is a bigger, wall-mounted version. It includes wall mount hardware and  a 24 ft. hose so you can easily reach your vehicle without removing it from the wall. This one is a stationary vacuum.



The Metro Full Size Vac N Blo Vacuum is a large wall-mounted vacuum with a 24 ft. hose,  wall brackets for the vac and for the hose, and an accessory organizer. This is really the total package. It’s made to be stationary, like the Vac N Blo Sr., but the Full Size offers more attachments and a place to store them.


When choosing a Metro Vac N Blo, consider how you’ll be using it, the size of your garage, where you’d like to store it, and what kind of attachments you’ll need. Now, Metro has a Vac N Blo for everyone.


For more information and to compare all Metro vacs, go to our Metro Comparison Chart.


Beat the freeze with new products from 1Z Einzsett!

Are you getting tired of scraping your windshield every morning? Help is on the way! Two new 1Z Einszett winter products have arrived at Autogeek: 1Z Einszett De-Icer Spray and Anti-frost Washer Fluid.


1Z Einszett De-Icer Spray is a quick solution to an icy windshield. 1Z Einszett De-Icer Spray penetrates and speeds up the removal of light snow, ice, and frost. It does the hard work for you, so you can easily push the frosty remnants off the glass. Overspray is safe on rubber, plastic, paint, and metal.


1Z Einszett Anti-frost Washer Fluid is a concentrated glass cleaner and de-icer. It removes road grime, salt, and dirt with glare-free and smear-free results. Mix the concentrate with water according to the directions and add it to your washer fluid tank. It can be used in warmer months, too.


Plus, we have a new 1Z Einszett Car Care Organizer Bag. Carry your detailing products to a car show or keep your ice scraper and De-Icer Spray in there! The well-made bag is useful for a variety of purposes.


All new Einszett products are available right now at

Porter Cable Instructional Video as seen on the SPEED Channel

Another new video by Mike Phillips is airing on the Speed Channel during Two Guys Garage! In this video, Mike demonstrates how to use the Porter Cable 7424 XP to remove swirls from black paint.

Products Used:

Go to Autogeek for an extended version of this video!