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Collinite SUPER Double coat in 18oz.

“The Permanent Auto Wax”

Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476 by Collinite is guaranteed to outshine and outlast any other car wax or protective coating. That’s why Collinite calls it the permanent auto wax. Get a full year of paint protection from this detergent-proof, weather-proof car wax.

Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476 is a paste wax that behaves like a paint sealant. One application provides up to a year of protection through any and all weather conditions. It provides a clear barrier against rain, salt, pollution, bugs, the sun, and all the typical road grime.

Its incredible durability is matched only by a few select paint sealants on the market, yet Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476 is a wax. If you enjoy the application and appearance of a carnauba wax but want the durability more typical of a sealant, Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476 is the best of both worlds.

Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476 is a thick carnauba wax packaged in a tin can, reminiscent of the paste waxes of 40 years ago. Likewise, it has the look and consistency you’d expect from a high quality car wax: a thick paste that gives the impression of tough, durable protection. And it should because Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476 will last through an entire year of rain, snow, and sun.

Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476 is a popular choice for winter paint protection. Its durable protection stands up to road salt and ice like no wax you’ve used before. Collinite’s headquarters are in New York so it’s not surprising that they produce such an outstanding winter wax.

You can enhance the shine of Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476 by adding multiple thin layers. This is a true wax with no cleaning properties. For the best results, use Collinite Sapphire PreWax Cleaner before applying #476.

We recommend applying Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476 with a Porter Cable 7424 to achieve the necessary thin coat. Applying the wax too thickly will result in difficult removal.

Here’s a technique used during our testing: Lightly dampen a finishing pad with XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner. Use a putty knife to spread a small amount of wax onto the pad. We used the gray finishing pad by Lake Country. Spread the wax over one panel at a speed of 4000 OPM on a Porter Cable 7424. For easiest removal, apply the wax and then remove it, panel by panel. We used a microfiber bonnet over a lambswool pad. Then we went back with a Cobra Super Plush Deluxe for a final hand-buffing. One coat will provide great protection but multiple coats are no problem since Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax contains no cleaners.

To apply the wax by hand, use a slightly damp applicator.

For excellent, all-weather paint protection for an entire year in a paste wax, Collinite Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476 has no competitors. Use it as a base coat under another pure wax or by itself for an attractive finish that lasts.

18 oz.

New Griots Orbital Polisher

The Griot’s Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher also boasts more torque, which keeps the pad moving even under pressure. Commonly the pad will stop rotating on a typical DA polisher when pressure is applied. Griot’s Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher is designed to keep moving so imperfections are eliminated faster.


Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polisher has a repositionable bale handle.
Griot’s Garage Random Orbital Machine has a fully adjustable bale handle. 
The polisher has also undergone some smart exterior design changes. The housing above the backing plate is now smaller, which gives the polisher a more streamlined appearance and you’ll have a better view of the pad. Griot’s Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher has a longer 10 ft. cord. The bale handle is fully adjustable for maximum comfort while detailing. Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polisher has more torque and a stronger motor.
Griot’s Garage Random Orbital Machine has a wider orbit for faster swirl removal.

Griot’s Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher includes a backing plate. Use Griot’s Garage 6 Inch Red and Orange Foam Pads to quickly remove swirls, scratches, oxidation, water spots, and then apply a glossy coat of wax.

While the polisher is more powerful and faster than ever before, Griot’s Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher is still very safe on your vehicle’s paint. The random orbit motion of the pad prevents heat from building up in one spot. Less heat is produced by the polisher.

Griot’s Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher is lightweight and simple to use, even for an inexperienced user. The polisher includes an instructional DVD to guide you through the detailing process.

Restore the shine to your vehicle with the more powerful, faster Griot’s Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher!

Apply the washer
Apply the washer to the backing plate post.
Screw the backing plate onto the polisher.
Screw the backing plate onto the polisher.
Tighten the backing plate onto the polisher.
Tighten the backing plate onto the polisher with the included wrench.
Press a hook and loop pad onto the backing plate.
Press the 6.5 inch hook and loop pad onto the backing plate.


  • More Powerful 7-Amp, 850-Watt Motor
  • 2,500 – 6,800 Orbits Per Minute
  • Variable Speed, Wider RPM Range
  • Wider 5/16″ orbit pattern for faster and better results
  • Ergonomic Adjustable Handle
  • More Torque, Better Performance
  • Longer 10 Foot Power Cord
  • Free Instructional DVD

Pro Detailer Start Up Kits

Start up your own auto detailing business with the best from DP!

Our Pro Detailer Start-Up Kits make it easy to start a profitable and fun auto detailing business. Each kit contains all the essential products to clean and recondition automobiles for a minimal investment and maximum return. We’ve taken the guesswork out of starting a detail shop or mobile detail service. All the products in our Pro Detailer Start-Up Kits were selected to give you the best value, resulting in the highest profit margin for your business.

Professional detailing is the recession-proof business. When the economy is good, people are purchasing new cars and paying to have them maintained. When the economy is down, people hold onto their vehicles longer and take better care of them. Why not turn your hobby into a part-time or full-time career?

If you have an existing auto detailing business, our Pro Detailer Start-Up Kits restock your shop with the finest products from DP and Cobra at bulk prices. Keep your overhead low and your quality high with any of these three Pro Detailer Start-Up Kits.

We work with professional detailers every day to select the best products and tools for their businesses. DP consistently ranks high with our customers for quality and cost effectiveness. You’ll find outstanding DP products in each of our Pro Detailer Start-Up Kits.



  • DP Auto Bath Shampoo 128 oz.
  • DP Xtreme Foam Formula 128 oz.
  • DP Rinseless Wash & Gloss 128 oz.
  • Complete Car Wash System with Dolly
  • Quart Foamaster Foam Wash Gun
  • 4 Cobra Micro-Chenille Wash Mitts
  • 4 Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave 16 x 24
  • 4 Cobra Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave 20 x 40

Tires & Wheels

  • DP Gel Wheel Cleaner 128 oz.
  • DP Gloss Tire Gel 128 oz.
  • DP Wheel Glaze 8 oz.
  • 6 Cobra Flex Foam Tire Applicator
  • Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush Bundle with 2 Finger Pockets & 3 Flex Foam Tire Applicators
  • 3 Wolfgang Finger Pockets


  • DP Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner 128 oz.
  • Glass Master Pro
  • 12 Cobra Waffle Weave Glass Towels


  • 2 DP Universal Detailing Clay  200 g.
  • DP Universal Clay Lubricant 128 oz

Engine & Undercarriage:

  • DP Engine Degreaser 128 oz.
  • DP Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner 128 oz.

Wax & Quick Detail:

  • DP Max Wax Carnauba Wax 8 oz.
  • DP Final Gloss Quick Detailer 128 oz.
  • 12 Poly Foam Wax Applicators
  • 12 Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths
  • 12 Cobra Super Plush Deluxe 600 Microfiber Towels


  • DP Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner 128 oz.
  • DP Total Interior Cleaner 128 oz.
  • DP Interior Surface Protectant 128 oz.
  • Mat & Carpet Scrub Brush
  • Interior Concours Brush

Extra essentials:

  • 48 Cobra Yellow All Purpose Microfiber Towels
  • 6 Spray Bottles, 32 oz.
  • Autogeek Detailer’s Tool Bag
  • 1 inch Round Detailing Brush


Only $1,475.00


Pro Detailer Start-Up Kit #2

If you want to take your business to the next level by offering machine polishing, get the Pro Detailer Start-Up Kit #2. This package includes kit #1 PLUS our most popular Porter Cable 7424XP kit and our Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover Kit. With this package, you’ll be able to offer valuable paint reconditioning services to your customers.

  • Pro Detailer Start-Up Kit #1
  • Porter Cable 7424XP Complete Starter Kit
  • Wolfgang Total Swirl Remover Kit 3.0

Only $1.820.00


Pro Detailer Start-Up Kit #3

Finally, if you want to offer your customers the total package, invest in the Pro Detailer Start-Up Kit #3. This kit includes kits #1 and #2 PLUS the Aztec Hot Rod Carpet Extractor and a gallon of DP Carpet Extractor Pre-Treatment. This kit puts you over the top with services that aren’t available from every detailer. You’ll be able to offer carpet shampooing, paint reconditioning, and a total interior and exterior detail. Pro Detailer Start-Up Kit #3 puts you in another tier of detailing, which draws higher end clientele.

  • Pro Detailer Start-Up Kit #1
  • Pro Detailer Start-Up Kit #2
  • Aztec Hot Rod Carpet Extractor
  • DP Carpet Extractor Pre-Treatment 128  oz.

Only $2,470.00


If you’ve ever thought of owning your own detailing business, this is a great opportunity to get started. Work for yourself and enjoy what you do. The Pro Detailer Start-Up Kits get your business off the ground with quality products and tools from a company that knows car care!

  • Additional discounts are not applicable.
  • This item ships by ground service only.

The Menzerna Power Finish & Super Finish Bundle

The Menzerna Power Finish & Super Finish Bundle

Menzerna Power Finish PO 203 16 oz. 16 oz. Menzerna Power Finish PO 203
Menzerna Power Finish PO 203 one polish designed to produce a fantastic gloss in less time than a two step polish process. Designed for the OEM market, Power Finish delivers a shine like Nano Polish with a cutting ability approaching Super Intensive Polish. Eliminate imperfections and rev up the gloss in just one step!


Menzerna Super Finish (Nano)  PO 106 FA 16 oz. 16 oz. Menzerna Super Finish (Nano) PO 106 FA
Finish PO 106 FA contains a micro-fine abrasive dust that quickly removes light imperfections and holograms while creating a mirror shine. This new formula features less dusting than the original Nano Polish and leaves your vehicle with the glossiest possible finish. Menzerna Super Finish PO 106 FA removes 2500 grit sanding scratches, holograms, compounding haze, light swirls, and mild oxidation. It can be used on brand new finishes or on older, reconditioned paint.


Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Polishing Cloths 2 Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths, 16 x 16 inches
Super soft and absorbent, these 70/30 towels are perfect for buffing off waxes, polishes or sealants. Tiny looped fibers polish your paint to a beautiful shine while the woven core absorbs an incredible amount of fluid. These towels have an amazing “grip” to remove even the most stubborn wax residues. Edgeless construction eliminates the risk of micro-marring.

Introducing the Foam Cannon HP

Turn a pressure washer into a high powered foamer!

Cover your vehicle in a flurry of foam quickly with the Foam Cannon HP! This foam lance works with a pressure washer to produce a thick, clinging foam. Give your vehicle a “touch-free” wash with this high powered foam gun. The Foam Cannon HP will blow you away!

The benefit of using a foam gun to deliver the soap to the vehicle is that it doesn’t require you to touch the vehicle, which could rub dirt against the paint. The Foam Cannon HP sprays the vehicle with a thick coat of soap to loosen and lubricate dirt. On dusty or lightly dirty vehicles, you may not even need to hand-wash. The Foam Cannon HP minimizes the amount of hands-on contact with the vehicle, which can minimize wash-induced swirls. Plus, the Foam Cannon HP is a blast!

Take your pick, we have Foam Cannon HP’s with your choice of Autogeek, Pinnacle or Wolfgang logo and 6 different connectors to choose from.

Autogeek Foam Cannon HP Kit with Free Bonus

Pinnacle Foam Cannon HP Kit with Free Bonus

Wolfgang Foam Cannon HP Kit with Free Bonus

DP Xtreme Foam Formula and a Foam Cannon HP!!!

SprayMaster® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle 32oz.

The only sprayer with a 5 year guarantee!

The SprayMaster® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle is the ultimate sprayer for detailing. The sprayer has a high output nozzle with a fully adjustable spray pattern. Dilute glass cleaners, all purpose cleaners, and other chemicals in the chemical resistant SprayMaster®. Every detailer needs this sprayer!

What sets the SprayMaster® apart from other spray bottles? The SprayMaster® is built for rigorous use with a wide variety of chemicals. The spray nozzle and bottle are constructed of superior chemical resistant materials that are compatible with the widest possible range of chemicals. The bottle has extra thick walls for maximum durability.

The SprayMaster® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle is ideal for delivering a high volume of cleaner right where you need it. The sprayer is fully adjustable and outputs 2.65 cc per stroke (~ 0.9 fluid ounce). The bottle features a patented back off resistant cap, which means that the spray cap stays tight on the bottle, preventing leakage.

The back of the bottle has a check-off grid for identifying the bottle contents. This is a smart feature that will take the guesswork out of storing products in secondary bottles. A handy graduation scale on the side makes it easy to dilute concentrated detailing products.

The SprayMaster® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle is easy to spot in silver and blue. This will quickly become your favorite sprayer for fast, efficient detailing.

Only the SprayMaster® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle comes with a 5 year guarantee! That’s a testament to the durable construction and premium materials found in this sprayer. The SprayMaster® is more than a spray bottle; it’s a smart investment for any detailer!

  • Output 2.65 cc per stroke
  • Constructed with chemically resistant materials
  • Patented back off resistant cap
  • Fully adjustable spray pattern
  • Readily identified Silver/Blue colors
  • Made in USA

Up to 40% off Car Care Kits

To celebrate the July 4th holiday
save a bundle with Autogeek’s Recession Buster Kit Sale!

An enormous selection of car care kits and bundles are marked down from their already discounted prices! Our kits are prepackaged to give you the best deals, but right now you can save even more. Why buy a single product when you can get several products, towels, and accessories for just a few dollars more? Kits are a great way to get all your detailing supplies in one money-saving package. Hurry! Sale ends at midnight EST on Sunday July 5, 2009.


Below are just three examples of the fantastic kit savings. Click here for all kits and bundles.

Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax Connoisseur’s Kit

Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax is regularly $175. With this kit, you’ll receive over $90 worth of additional products for just $20 more than the wax alone.

Total Value $266.95
Retail $225.00

Sale $195.00 – Save $71.95!

Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax Connoissuer's Kit

Pinnacle Souverän Sizzling Shine Kit

Our legendary show car wax, Pinnacle Souverän is $95 alone. For less than $5 more you’ll receive over $90 worth of additional products! This complete wax kit also includes a FREE Pinnacle How-to DVD valued at $12.99!

Total Value $186.92
Retail $129.99

Sale $99.99 – Save $86.93!

Pinnacle Souverän Sizzling Shine Kit

The Forum Favorite Kit

Pinnacle Souverän Wax is $95. Both Klasse products add up to $44. Get all three products plus Pinnacle Crystal Mist, towels, and applicators for just $5 more than the cost of Souverän!

Total Value $180.94
Retail $129.99

Sale $99.99 – Save $80.95!

The Forum Favorite Kit

Click here for all kits and bundles.

Sales like this don’t happen often. Save 20, 30, even 40% off the total retail values of some kits. Enjoy your summer and save money with Autogeek’s Recession Buster Kit Sale. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!