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New From Wolfgang Concours Series

Wolfgang Füzion Carnauba Polymer Estate Wax


Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax is a hand-crafted blend of carnauba wax, German Super Polymers, and proprietary ingredients that yield unequaled shine and protection. Our unique formula fuses the best attributes of carnauba wax and paint sealants to create the ultimate car wax. Any paint will glow with vibrant color and gloss.

When Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax is applied to your vehicle, the carnauba fuses with the polymers in a cross-linked matrix of protective molecules. This woven polymer shield is your vehicle’s best defense against moisture, airborne pollutants, bird droppings, insects, and UV radiation. The super polymers reinforce carnauba’s natural defense and promote maximum bonding to the paint. Wolfgang Füzion’s anti-static properties maintain a slick, glossy, reflective finish.

Every container of Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax is packaged in a signature wooden case branded with the Wolfgang logo. The case is constructed of Baltic Birch and stained a warm honey tone to accentuate the grain. Every case includes the Wolfgang Instructional DVD, a foam applicator, and a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Every purchase of Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax includes one free refill. Return the empty container to us with a copy of the Certificate of Authenticity. We will promptly refill the jar and return it to you.

Wolfgang’s premier wax will be shipped free of charge anywhere within the 48 contiguous United States. Blanket your vehicle in the quality and beauty of Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax.



Flex XC3401 VRG DA/Orbital Polishers In Stock!

 We are in the middle of moving our warehouse, and we have just received THREE pallets of Flex XC3401 polishers! Not too shabby for the first shipment over here at the new place!

Click the following link to order!

Flex XC3401 VRG Orbital Polisher (Dual Action)FL-XC3401VR